Thursday, 17 May 2018

What dance injuries have you had?
We can help prevent them!
Make sure you have suitable cushioned floor to help your joints when jumping and spinning.
The flooring should be suitable for all the types of dancing you wish to do, not only to have enough cushion support, it should also be suitable for pointe work and tap dancing.

Are your Barres and Brackets set at the correct height from the floor, for what dancing your doing. Having them set at the correct height helps to making sure you don't over or under stretch.

Is the Barre your holding too big for your hands to hold? And is it circular? Having a Barre too big/small or with a flat back, may cause strain on your hands and arms

Do your mirrors give the correct image reflection?
Poor mirror reflection may make you over bend trying to see what your doing.
Always make sure your reflection is correct to get the correct posture.

Your studio is an important place, make sure it has great equipment!